Marian Manor of Stafford

Parkinson’s Disease Dementia         Huntington’s Disease              Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and other prion diseases                                                                             
             Dementia             Traumatic Brain Injury                            Leukodystrophy.                                                  Alzheimer's
                       Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (Includes dementia from alcohol abuse)
                       We see the person, not the disease.


Marian Manor strives to provide quality care at affordable rates. Our fee structure is not based on how much care you need, but rather on the room type you select. We offer three different types of rooms: Private, semi-private and a shared dorm.  Each room is fully furnished, unless you choose to bring your own furniture; complete with a state of the art call bell system.

Included in the price are the following:

 24- Hour Licensed Nurses on duty
Fully furnished rooms
Structured activities
Consultation by a Registered Dietician
3 nutritious meals daily with 3 snacks
Medication Administration
Assistance with activities of daily living
Beauty and Barber Services on site
Religious Services
Laundry Service
Housekeeping Service
Pet Friendly - Ziggy is our community dog; Sasha, or house the house cat.

Specialized Services Offered:

Pre-Admission Assessments
Intermittent IV Care
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Behavioral Management
Phlebotomy Services
Psychological Assessments and Evaluations
Pharmacy Services
Podiatry Services
Medical Doctor / N. P.
Travel Escort/ transportation upon admission to Marian Manor

We strive to make things simple, easy and comfortable for the families and the residents. You are welcome to keep you own doctor or use ours. You can sign up with our contracted pharmacy, or shop locally. You are welcome to use any of the services we provide, but you are free to keep doing what has worked for you in the past!   Marian Manor will become your loved one's home and you are a vital part of our community. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Navigating though the process of placing a loved one in any type of facility or home,
regardless of how nice, charming and beautiful the place is, it is still a difficult task.
There are so many unanswered questions about the health care system including the cost, the services and who does what and how often. 
These are the most common answers to the most asked questions:

  •  Each Assisted Living Facility is different - the cost can vary from $2500 monthly to over $10,000 monthly.  Some facilities admit at a flat rate, then add on fees based on the resident's care needs.   Marian Manor does not charge "level of care" fees. We charge the fee for the room, which includes the care- regardless of how much or how little is needed. 
  • Residents at Marian Manor "age in place"- meaning, we care for our residents from the beginning to the end of the journey, being capable of meeting their needs the whole way.  

  • If a resident needs/wants a feeding tube, we can handle it. If a resident becomes aggressive, agitated or combative, we are trained to deal with it. We pride ourselves with helping our residents through the good times and the rough patches without having to ask the family to move them to a better equipped facility.
  • We work closely with Hospice Agencies which provide extra support to the resident, and you, the family along the way.  Outside agencies do not take the place of the services we provide, but rather, they compliment our care services.  No one can ever be cared for too much, so the more the merrier! 
  • Long Term Care Insurance is money well spent. You have to admit, spending an average of $ 4000 a month is a LOT OF MONEY.  I can not tell you the countless families that have come and gone through our doors who could have never afforded living in an Assisted Living Facility without long term care insurance policies.  We can't recommend any particular one, but find an insurance agency and inquire as to what coverage is  best for you!
  • Many folks ask us about the Veteran Aid in Attendance Program.  If your loved one served in the military during a time of war, he/she may qualify.  It is a bit of red-tape to get through, but worth it !  Call your local VA  and inquire about the requirements and see if your loved one qualifies, or go to   Search for "Aid in Attendance."
  • Private health insurance does not cover the cost of assisted living, nor will Medicare.  
  • Typically, nursing homes, not assisted livings, can/may/will take insurances, Medicare and Medicaid.   
  • Marian Manor furnishes all of the rooms in our facility. If you wish to bring your own bed, you can, but you do not have to. Each facility is different but we leave the choice up to you as to what you want to bring. Feel free to put nails in the walls, hang pictures and even paint your room bright yellow! This is a home and it should feel like one!
  • We do not have established visiting hours. Families come and go as they please.
  • We do secure all doors in the evening for safety, but you are welcome any time.
  • Resident's in our facility can leave with family as long as it is agreed upon by the Power of Attorney/Guardian. Some of our residents go out weekly for lunch or dinner with family; others go out on weekend home trips and some simply enjoy a nice car ride. Marian Manor staff will assist with helping the resident in and out of the vehicle to make the experience less stressful.
  • Yes, we do travel short and long distances to pick up residents who are out of state moving in to our facility.  We fly or drive and escort the resident safely to Marian Manor. If your loved one is out of state or a distance away, we can see what it would cost and what would work best in the situation. 
  • Support groups are great hang-outs for families of those living with dementia. We recommend the Alzheimer's Association as a great resource to find a group that works for you.   Visit to learn more.      We also recommend reading the book  "36 Hour Day" by Nancy Mace.  The book provides great insight to caring for a loved one with dementia/ Alzheimer's.  Find it here.       For a fun read and to gain insight from the people working in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, grab a copy of " God's Waiting Room" by Jessi J. Steele. She is an Administrator of an assisted living facility offering great stories and valuable advice from "behind the scenes".  Get the book here:     Also, follow her blog at

We at Marian Manor are here to help and assist you and your family in any
way we can, regardless if you choose our facility or not.  We will do our best to point
you in the right direction, offer you advice on the alternative options we know about
and support you through the process.  We have also been known to give big hugs as well.Laughing

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